top sd wan vendors

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top sd wan vendors
Cisco DNA
What is Cisco SD-WAN
Cisco offers DNA (Digital Network Architecture) as its answer for the software-defined approach for WANs. The architecture utilizes a software-defined network (SDN) controller, which makes automation of network tasks easy and frees up IT personnel to handle other networking priorities. Existing Cisco switches and routers can support Cisco DNA capabilities with just a simple software push. The DNA platform is designed in such a way that it can scale businesses and their associated offices within a span of minutes.

Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect
The Unity EdgeConnect is a proprietary product for Silver Peak. It is advertised to customers as a business-driven WAN designed to meet cloud-first enterprise needs. EdgeConnect continues to adapt intelligently according to the organization’s needs and will adjust network conditions accordingly. It delivers a quality of service experience that enables enterprises to leverage the capabilities of the cloud while transforming their business in the process. The Unity aspect of the platform describes the product combining software-defined WAN, segmentation, WAN optimization, firewall, routing, application control, and visibility into a consolidated package.

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